Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bad people to have next to you on the plane.

Teaching stuff: (shocking I know, a post about lessons for once)

Teaching Jobs: Spy
This is appropriate for pre-intermediate.
Prep time: 15 minutes
Lesson time: 45 minutes-60minutes depending on your students
Materials: Jobs handout of vocab lists, note cards/slips of paper with descriptions of jobs
Get a list of jobs and professions. I use the one from ESL Images which is great, but if you already have a list, or want to add jobs this will also work. I add the profession of spy to this list. Go through the professions, have the student circle the ones that they already know. Have them look up the others in a dictionary, draw a picture and then describe it in English, if you don't have pictures to go along with the list. Let spy or secret agent be the last on the list. Then tell the students that there are a number of spys in the town. I used 001-009. I made slips of paper that had descriptions of jobs, or people, and had the students guess which job the spy was pretending to be.
example: 001- She is very smart and went to University. She knows a lot about animals. She wanted to become a doctor. (She is pretending to be a vet)

While it certainly isn't mandatory (and probably better if you don't), I mentally hum "Secret agent man" in my head throughout the lesson.

Teaching Allowed/Not allowed: Smugglers
Appropriate for pre-intermediate to beginners
Prep time: One hour
Lesson time: 15 to 30 minutes
Materials: Slips of paper/note cards with things that you are or are not allowed to bring on the plane.
Pre-teach: vocabulary words and how to ask questions, if you do this in the same lesson, it will probably take 45-65 minutes all together (depending on your students)
Have students brain storm what they are allowed to bring on the airplane; MP3, Clothes, Books etc. and what they are not allowed; Apples, knives, bombs, (some of my 7th grade got really creative). Then elect two security officers and send them out of the room. Hand each student 2 cards, mix up allowed and not allowed items. Have security officers question each student. They are allowed only 2 questions per student, and must guess if the "passenger" has something that is not allowed. The "guards" must ask specific questions, for example "Fruit is not allowed on the airplane, do you have any apples?" The "passenger" must tell the truth. If they don't have fruit, but have an MP3 player on their cards, they would respond "I don't have any apples, but MP3 players are allowed". If the "passenger" is caught with an illegal item, they must sit down.

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