Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And on the third, fourth and fifth days...

Air conditioning.
If I could create levels of heaven, like Dante's circles of Hell, Air conditioning would be right up there. It has been to hot to teach, and too hot to think lately.

Here is a pleasant bit of random: I had originally meant to have at least one blog a month that was titled "on the X day..." that would somehow relate back to Genesis. I could go on about the symbolism of how it a reflection the Genesis of being a "responsible" adult, or how because I work in a religious school, I have bible on the brain...but I wont. - Anyway, as this is the fifth month I decided to check exactly what happened on the fifth day. On the fifth day God created "great sea serpents" and "great whales." Ahh Szarvas and Ahab, the timing was perfect, my whale and snake-hunting friends.

The kids are getting squirelly and restless. It is difficult to teach them...or even to keep them in line. One of my girls put it simply "It is too hot and the end of the year, and I have no patience for the English"
My response "The English?" but what I was really thinking was - me too

This week I also made a mid-week break for freedom. I felt so deliciously naughty going to Szolnok on a Tuesday morning after my classes were done. Riding the train away from my town, my school, my apartment. Eating fornetti and contemplating adventure. This was only the second time I have visited Emily in Szolnok. The first time was my first weekend in Hungary, still dazed and dazzled by change and confusion. This time I enjoyed it more. We did crafty things, listened to music and met Ken and Jenny for a beer. I wish I had had more time, but all too soon I was on the bus, on the train and Hazaféle. However I met an acquaintance on the train, who introduced me to his friend. They walked me home. It was nice.

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