Monday, May 21, 2007

Igaz or is it Nem Igaz...a weekend in Szarvas

Let's play a variation on a game I play in class; which of the following are true, and which are lies? For logical answers and hints read Emily's Blog

We rowed a boat at midnight, under a purple cloudy sky.

We protected each other from things that go squish in the night. Attila was in charge of frogs, Eve was in charge of the eels, Csongor was in charge of protecting us from the water, I was in charge of snakes, and Captain Ahab (Emily) was in charge of Moby Dick. Only Ahab and myself were prepared, as we had thought to bring the fire-pit roasting forks.

We made a delicious sangria for ourselves and a toxic palingria for Csongor.

We walked barefoot through the park (and by that I mean the Szarvasi Arboretum)

We paid a lot of money to get into said Arboretum.

We found an article with the label "Sex and the Kids" which had a picture of a shirtless guy and girl doing things, while reading a pre-teen magazine.

I was not disturbed by this.

We discovered that soot was better bait for fish than bread.

We played bread-golf

We ate terrible Mexican food

Emily and I saw a giant snake writhing near the boat on Sunday, and no one else believed us.

There was a no pók zone.

I was sober and healthy all weekend.

We spelled GHP with our bodies

We walked past the wooded effigies of Hungarian History

We were not confused by the windmill-like monument at the historic geographical center of Hungary.

Ahab stabbed a Borsodi bottle, because the neighbour's motor boat did not scare the white whale close enough

We contemplated the fine art of sneaking into the Arboretum at midnight and going peacock hunting with our harpoon/roasting forks

We argued with Csongor on the the role of Fate vs CETP in our lives, would we still have been friends without this program? Would we still hang out as much if we weren't in the GHP?

We had wholesome conversations for at least 2 hours that did not involve talking about our schools, I timed this unusual phenomenon.

I sadly realized that I had to say goodbye to Eve, and that we may not meet again.


Andras Csibi said...

Well Breigy, I suspect none of this is Igaz :)

Andras Csibi said...

er, sorry for the spelling, wanted to duoblecheck, but didn't