Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things I am learning, am working on or wish that I was learning.

With two and a bit weeks left of school, I am mired by confusion. I am learning a lot and yet I feel as if I am learning nothing. I remember back to my first week here, and the advice the amazing Mária gave us:
As a teacher, you should never stop learning. Always start someting new. A new language, an new sport, a new way to do something that you already do. This not only will help you improve your mind, but remind you to have sympathy for your students.

Currently I have a full plate, but am being lazy. These are the things I am working on:

Hungarian - Everyday I butcher this beautiful language. And really I haven't improved much over the past few weeks. Nothing made this more pointedly obvious as when on Friday I went to a Magna Cum Laude concert with two acquaintances. One understood more spoken English the other spoke more English. I understood little of what they said in Hungarian, but I should have been able to.

History - Yup. Have not done anything to expand my history brain lately. I think I will be in trouble come August.

Carpe Diem - living for the moment and not dwelling on the past is extremely difficult, I wonder if other history majors have this problem.

Spanish - So far I am learning bad words and how to say don't worry. I am not very good at it, because English, German and Hungarian pronunciation sounds nothing like Spanish.

Things I wish I was learning:

How to reach tired students
How to enjoy the moment without worrying about when it will end.

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