Monday, March 12, 2007

A weekend alone..or why I should not be allowed near hair dye

I woke up this morning, and grouchily hit the snooze button wondering where the weekend had gone. About a half an hour later-when my brain woke up - I remembered .... this was a short weekend because we had to work on Sat. So really the weekend was only Sunday.

Working Saturday was not fun, but at least I had something to do. The rest of the weekend was spent wondering what a Madel alone should do. Couldn't call Zsóka, she is sick or in Szeged (I am a little confused on this point) It was a quiet, and boring weekend alone in Gyula. I did go swimming in the thermal baths. However, if you ask my students, apparently I had a wild weekend.

My 9ny class and I have been working on the past tense. So on Mondays I routinely ask "What did you do this weekend?" and then "What did I do this weekend?" Asking what I did allows them to be more creative. I have also begun asking "What will you do next weekend?" and "What will I do next weekend?" Apparently next weekend I will be a wild woman. I will go to a party and drink too much, then I will chop down all of the trees in Gyula with an ax, I will go to the Toyko Hotel concert with 2 of my students, and then I will kill the entire 9ny class for speaking Hungarian in class. I don't know what to say to that, except they may have come up with the last one as I actually took and had Élenózó (spelling?) written in today. I feel no remorse, as I warned my students that if they hit people in class, they would do it.

9ny were also the first ones to mention the hair. On Friday, I was bored....and this always leads to trouble. I was not only bored but also in possession of brown hair dye. The trouble came when the dye seeped through the glove staining my finger. I spent about 1/2 and hour to 45 minutes scrubbing my finger, then I looked at the directions. The little clock symbol had 15 minutes marked on it.

I don't have brown hair... I have a slightly brown shade of black hair.

On my program's new blog, I love the about us section:
About Us: We are CETP. We teach. We will eat your souls, and the souls of your children.

The Teaching Section:

Classes are going fairly well. I am in the middle of a story unit with 9ny. It is hard to motivate them, and while the pretend that they are not creative, the stories I have received have been really good. Three of them were fantastic.

The one thing that my classes really like are pen-pal letters. They love writing to someone real.

Also I used the crazy alien game with my 7th grade (see CETP Newsletter site), but I had them roll dice to decide the numbers of body parts. I also asked them questions about the aliens.
- What is your alien's name?
- What is your alien's favorite foods?
- Where is your alien from?
The boys were really creative. One said that his alien had no friends because he ate them, and that its favorite food was man-meat.

In 8th grade, we have been working on travelling vocabulary and made passports. They had to describe themselves in the passport. The next lesson they had to pass passport control to get a sticker in their passport.

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