Friday, March 9, 2007

And on the third day, Brieggy could light the oven all by herself...

March 8th was not only International women's day (all of the male teachers pitched in to buy the women flowers), but our director's name day. And there was much feasting in the Staff Room. Polgácsa, Cookies, Juice etc....
Flowers aside, thursdays are already my favorite day. I have only *3* lessons. The first being first period - the 9 Nyek class who I see everyday, and they are usually pretty good. The second lesson - last period - is the 8th grade. They show up whenever they want, because it is an aditional class, and all we do is play games, albeit vocabulary games. The third being after school for which ever teachers, or sometimes teacher's spouses want to come.
Durring my long break, I am free to do whatever I will, I went to the Erkl Museum accross from the Dormotory. I didn' really understand that much, but it was interesting to see the costumes and photos.
For the teacher lesson, we went to the castle. It was pretty interesting, especially as we discovered that Erzébet Batory spent some time there. The rest of the time Gergő made jokes about "more blood" while I showed them my impression of vampire teeth. Next week we are going to the 100 year confectionary house for class. I love teaching.

Also Csütörtök is suti-nap. Every thursday, like clockwork I bake cookies. If you need to find me after 7:15, the Szent Anna kitchen is a safe bet. Due to my adventures with scales and Dekkagrams last week I had alot of spiced flour, so I made the ginger cookes again. In fact I made 3 batches, although all of them were different (and I still have flour left). Instead of orange juice I used honey, and the porportions were different in all three. They turned out pretty good, and Csaba said that he liked them better than last week because they were less sweet. Although I don't know how I managed that as last week I used white and brown sugar, whereas this week I used white sugar, brown sugar and honey. It's a mystery. But the big excitement for me, was that I was able to light to stove by myself. It only took 3 weeks and Katanini the nifty showing me where the big matches are kept.
Katanini is my hero, but more on that at a later date.
Oh and aside from my cookies, there was another name day, so there is once agian much feasting in the staff room. I don't think I will ever eat again. Sometimes I try to avoid the mass quantities of food, but if Maria (the only english teacher I don't share lessons with) doesn't see me eating, she puts stuff on my desk. It is shades of Judit again.

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