Friday, March 23, 2007


Every Friday I bring in what I bake on Thursday night.
Every Friday my colleagues ask if it is my name day,
and every Friday I explain that no, I bake because it is stress relieving, and it stops me from going nutty.
This week I baked Cookies and Special K bars. Celebrating using the last of the ginger-flour and doing an internal happy dance. However, as I was sitting at the computer typing to future potential roommates, one of my colleagues sat next to me. He is the colleague, who doesn't speak much English, and whenever he doesn't understand something (which is often) says "I do not understand, but you have a beautiful smile".

This time the spiel was different. Holding a special K bar he turned to me and said "My wife out. She leave...I marry You. Shuti delicious."
My response: "I can give your wife the recipe, its very easy"

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Andras Csibi said...

ow, those crazy hungarians...:)