Monday, March 5, 2007

Mondays - the forgotton tenth circle

I have a special hatred of Mondays.... and Chalk, but that is a slightly different rant.

This weekend I visited Ben in beautiful Szentendre. Emily and I joked that you could replace the word perfect from the old Walgreens ads with Szentendre, and have it make more sense.
I also met new CETPers in Budapest, although after I had enjoyed a little beer, so I think I was a little giggly or I spoke too much Brieggyese (a complex combination of English, German, a little spanish - which I don't speak, a little french - which I also don't speak and Hungarian - which I butcher on a daily basis) so I don't think I was all that comprehensible.

I also have a special hatred of the dormitory washing machine. I began a load last night and at midnight I still couldn't open the door of the machine. This morning I could, but water poured all over my pajama clad legs. Ewwww.

If I ever re-wrote the inferno, I would have to add in the levels of hell which Dante forgot.
The tenth circle - Mondays and funky washing machines
The eleventh circle - chalk.

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