Thursday, March 1, 2007

Things that work and things that don't

So much of teaching is figuring out what works and what doesn't. This is probably because this is my first teaching post, and other than tutoring and volenteering in classrooms, I have no experience. I love working for a program like CETP, because the other teachers have such great ideas, that if I am stuck, I can turn to them.
What works:
1) The ball game - toss a ball back and forth, the person who catches it has to give a vocab word. If you repeat a word or throw the ball too hard, you are out.
2) Fortune tellers - On the train home from Hernádnemeti, Emily folded a fortune teller to pass the time. It is creepy when the answers are truthful. Anyway, I used them in 11th grade to practice forming future questions. This is great for practicing "going to" and "will be + verb-ing".
3) My cold water. While dying my hair, I slipped and somehow fixed the cold water knob in the shower, so now I don't scald myself every morning.
4) The Sweetheart Valentine's Day exercise.

What doesn't work:
1) Cell phones when you temporarily lose the pin code after turning it off.
2) My asking about an apartment. Sometimes I think that it is a figment of my imagination.
3) The directions game.
4) Giving out the candy after only explaining the exercise once.

There are more things that don't work, but those are the major ones right now.


Nadie said...

Hey Brieggy!
I miss you. Hope you work out more thiings that work, Cause you know that would be a good thing. And good job with fixing the cold water. See you very very soon!

Fargo said...

Have you tried the toilet paper game for directions like our conversation teacher had us do? That was fun and informative!