Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Freedom, Peace, 12 hour train rides and small screaming children, Also Known as Spring Break

I am indubitably lucky.

Not only do I live in beautiful Gyula, but my spring break was longer than your average CETP-bear. Although we worked the Sat. the 31st after that we were free. Free until until Wednesday 11th of April. Free of plans, and homework. Free of Napló and forbidding children from eating Csigas in class. Free of children....well not for me anyway. I spent the first night in Sarvas visiting a friend, but before I left I wished Kata the nifty goodbye in broken Hungarian. She said what roughly translated to "See you Tuesday, because the place has been rented to people from Pest". And they were, small screaming Pests. But my beautiful week was a rescue and balm for the weary soul, but there was too much to describe in detail so I'll summarize:

The Easter Bs are a great way to get attention on the Saturday before school: Bribery and Bunny ears.

I learnt two important lessons, never go dancing in high heels without stockings. Also never throw shoes into a garden, no matter if the garden belongs in part to your friend or not, the shoe gnomes may steal them and you may be forced to wear Caley’s size 12 men’s shoes on your women’s size 8 feet.

Went home from Sarvas in high heels (which we did battle against the shoe gnomes for) and blistered feet.

I cooked Porkolt over a fire, and learnt about how to dye eggs the natural way.

I helped give a city tour to a non-existent Spaniard (well he exists, but wasn’t in the city when we gave the tour).

I conquered the castle.


Got sick on a train after indulging in an American in Munich style day.

Saw Kate, Pepi and Miki. Miki is bigger but looks the same.

Pretended to be a mountain goat, but my imagination got stuck on the image of a mountain goat the size of a small elephant with really dainty feet, as I tromped up the Moenchsburg. I really need to stop eating chocolate.

I heard disgusting and true medical stories

Was a bull in a china shop and a pig in the gummi bear shop.

Almost passed out from joy in the book store, because they had an entire shelf of Hungarian as a second language grammar books

Spoke English to other tourists.

Pretended not to hate the 12 hour train ride home.

Watched folk dancing at the Gyula – day festival on Easter day.

Enjoyed my free time.

Although technically on the first day back, I will mention it here. I got watered by one of my students. This means a huge kid, with 2 cupped hands full of water, chased me around the classroom and then promptly dumped it down the back of my shirt. ... ahh traditions.

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