Thursday, April 19, 2007

Counting the Corners and Nifty Neighbours

There is a saying in Hungary that whenever you move into a new place, you should count the corners of the room before you go to sleep.
My new apartment, the one that belonged to my predecessor and not the one I was waiting for, has 12 corners if one doesn't include the shared kitchen.
Although it isn't the best ever, I like it so far. Especially since my nifty neighbours have been lending a hand.
Monday I moved in, to face an apartment with no sheets, pillows, or kitchen utensils. I didn't have any, because living in the dorm I didn't need them. Luckily I have a sleeping bag and a neighbour, who when her kids ran into my rooms (the Kisfiú is 3 and the kislan is 5) she chased them in she saw no sheets. She speaks maybe 6 words of German to match my 6 words of Hungarian. But when Latin C. came home, (with whom I share the kitchen) he translated her question and I received sheets, a pillow and blankets.
I also borrowed a plate, knife, fork and spoon from the dormitory.
The two things I wasn't tickled about was a leaky loo and grease about a half an inch to an inch caked on the stove. Apparently my predecessor didn't clean it and Latin C only makes coffee. I spent about 3 hours scrubbing. When my neighbour saw this, she came in with cleaning fluid (apparently what I had bought was the weak stuff, what she had was the strong stuff) and it went much quicker. While the oven still isn't grease free, and may never be, it is much better.
Kisfiú is really cute. One of the first things they found in my room was the bunny ears. So they love to put them on, hop around saying "Én nyusi" and then chasing each other around.

In 9ny today we worked on "Will+subject+verb" question forms. This meant fortune tellers. They really get a giggle whenever the answer was "Ask G.A" their form teacher. I hope they don't actually ask him if they "Will get married".

In 11-Szerda we worked on Habits and accusations. I brought in clue, and said that one of the characters killed Mr Body because of a bad habit that they had. After we figured out that it was Prof. Plum in the Conservatory with the knife (with much cheating by the way). We discussed what bad habits each character had. Ms Scarlett was my favorite with "shopping and drugs"

In 12th grade some of the boys tried to convince me that pot was legal and the cops smoked it. Their arguments left me unimpressed, but at least it was a change from "goes to the bed with the boyfriend/girlfriend".

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