Friday, April 27, 2007

Szászorszép is the weekend

I think that this one word can evoke emotions in any teacher which words can not accurately express. Especially when paired with the words long weekend. This weekend is a four day weekend, and I have one week to get in shape before our hike. I don't think I can do it.

This week has both been beautiful and chaotic. I have transcended exhaustion, to a state of peace, but that may be due to the fact that the long weekend lies tantalizingly if front of me.

This week I began Aikido again. It is amazing how much one can forget in a year. I love rocking the white pants of a beginner again, and have realized that now that I have worn the Hakama, it will never be as attractive as it once was. However, the muscle pain and bruises come back to me in amazing clarity.

This week I "organized" a group of teachers to meet for pizza and beer/wine/martinis. This basically meant that on Wednesday I realized I hadn't really organized anything, and asked everyone around if they wanted to meet for beers and a traditional shoe throwing. I was surprised by the fact that 4 actually showed up. It was lovely. I ate pizza with corn for the first time and it was delicious.

This week I gave a last minute exam to 12th grade, because apparently as a teacher I need to do such things.

This week I forced all of my students to learn about Australia. The preparation for which was a pain in the posterior, and part of that was 4 hours spent baking ANZAC biscuits in the dorms, now a 15 minute walk from home with a sack the size of Texas in hand.

This week I ate unhealthy things in the staff room. I do this every week, but this week was especially bad, because the 12th grade did the serenade last night, and all left over food was brought in. Knowing my students there was no left over alcohol, but I don't think anyone would bring that in anyway.

This week I drank wine with my neighbour, and tried to gossip in our pidgin magyarul/nemetul as her kids ran around the floor.

This week I learned the word for daisy - Szásorszép (I can not spell) - means 100 times beautiful, and remembered that in the language of flowers daisies represent innocence.

This week I had very little control over classes, but didn't really mind. The activities we did were such that a little more freedom is called for. Next week I will try to reign with an iron ruler.

This week I felt frustrated and annoyed. Both with my students for not working and understanding, and myself for not being able to teach it better.

Another week ended.
Now for the weekend, and may it be a daisy.

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