Thursday, June 28, 2007

Goodbye - My least favorite word

Today I left Gyula.
I no longer live nor teach there. It is sad and interesting. I return to the United States, like many CETPers, lured by a place at Grad school.
I have been restless this past week, both anxious to go home, and regretting that I have to leave. I wandered around my town aimlessly, unable to fully conceive that in just a little bit I would no longer live there. I thought about the plans I made back at the end of last year, things I wanted to do during my stay. Some of them I have achieved. Some of them I have not, but as Anyaom says, it is important to leave somewhere wishing to go back. This means it was worth being there in the first place.
I am also really bad at Goodbye. In only one or two of my classes did I really say goodbye. To the CETPers, and other teachers it was often short and terse. Partially this is due to my inability to believe that 5 months have already past, and also due to plans to meet that never come true.

Beautiful things I will remember on the plane, when I finally realize I am leaving-

Walking past the new fountain, that wasn't doing anything, and just as I pass it shoots into life.

Pulling my first all nighter, packing up Sara's apartment, and doing her dishes in the bathtub, because her sink is broken

Drinking Wine and toasting everyone.

Being called Draga by the other teachers

The director giving a nice speech about me, and I understood some, saying that I was kind, friendly and...easygoing. (Easy going?)

Having a csabai vs gyulai sausage taste test, and liking gyulai better.

Festival food in Szeged for breakfast

No longer having a 30000 ton baroque alarm clock waking me up on weekends when I want to sleep in.

All in all, I loved my semester here. I could have done things better, I could have done things worse, but the important thing is that I did it.
Thank you to everyone for giving me this experience. Without VS, LC, SM, GA, Robika's family, Katanenyi, Sara, Caley, Arlo, Emily, Mr Shoelaces, my students and everyone else things would have been not nearly as wonderful.
As I told 10 szerda, Goodbye is my least favorite word. Instead let us say....



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